20 Items All Dads Should Add to the Baby Registry

Zlata Faerman | Mar 28, 2019 Baby
20 Items All Dads Should Add to the Baby Registry
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Life can be easier for men than women in so many ways. For one, men don't get their period every month, so they have absolutely no concept of the PMS (or PMDD) that can affect a woman's health. Also, they don't have to go through labor and delivery. Imagine that! It's a woman who carries a baby for 40 weeks, grows it, nurtures it, feels all the (not always so) fun side-effects of pregnancy, and gets to go through the insanely intense birthing process. The list of what women experience in life versus what men do would honestly make for a long slideshow. (As if there was really any doubt that #GIRLS run the world!)

Another thing that women tend to take control of is the baby registry. Of course, both mom and dad head on over to BuyBuyBaby and test out some gear together, but when it comes to breast pump accessories or which bathtub to purchase, men can be out of the loop. 

Well, maybe they need to become a little more in the loop! Parenting responsibilities -- with the exception of actual breastfeeding -- should be a shared endeavor. (Even if it's co-parenting!) It takes two to tango and make a baby, and taking care of, nurturing, and giving the baby everything it needs and more should fall on both parents. 

Let's give the dads a little more say when it comes to the registries. It's time to get them more excited about things they'll get to use when the baby comes. Dads, we thank you for all you do! And now, check out the list below to browse and see the must-have items to add to the baby's registry.

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