Mom's 5 Daughters Support Her as She Gives Birth & the Photos Are Breathtaking

Casey Teller sits in a tub holding her newborn while surrounded by her five other daughters.
Rebecca Burt Photography

Casey Teller says she didn't always know she wanted a big family; but that all changed once she started having kids. "Each one brings so much joy to our family," she tells CafeMom. And that joy is now times six, after the arrival lat month of Teller's sixth daughter, Tallulah Moon, at her home in Virginia. 

The stunning home birth was captured by Rebecca Burt Photography, who stood by to catch every little moment as it unfolded.

  • Teller says she actually started laboring two days prior to the birth, but little Talullah wasn't quite ready to arrive.

    "Labor for this girl was crazy," she tells CafeMom. "I had contractions for two days before the day she was born -- all irregular and far apart. When we finally decided it was real, my midwives came around 8 a.m. and [Talullah] was born 4.5 hours later."

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  • The mom of six says she gave birth to her fifth daughter at home and loved the experience so much she wanted to do it again.

    "It's so different," she says. "No one tells you how to labor, how long it should take; you are basically free to move and do whatever you want to feel comfortable. And after birth you can climb into your own bed with your baby and sleep."

  • It was, however, the first time she invited a birth photographer into her home to capture each moment.

    "I have never had a [birth] photographer, and honestly I am very picky about having a lot of people in my birth space," she says. 

    But looking back now, she's so glad she did. 

    "She did amazing and I barely even knew there was an extra person there," says Teller. "Having those pictures means so much to me."

  • But the best part about giving birth at home, Teller says, is that she could be surrounded by her girls.

    Teller's older daughters include Audrey, 12, Ella, 10, Lillian, 7, Zolie, 4, and Zuri, 2, who looked on in awe while their mother gave birth to little Talullah.

    "The girls being there is so important to me," says Teller. "I have always felt like we are welcoming a new person into our family, [so] why would I not have the whole family there?" 

  • According to Teller, the girls all found the experience incredible -- and are super excited to add a new sibling to their fam.

    "They always react the same, so excited and in love with the new baby," she says. "Our youngest is usually 2 when a new baby comes, and we talk about it so much they are always so amazed by seeing birth. And this time our oldest was 12 and she cried because she was so happy."

  • And in case you're wondering, yes they're all psyched that it's another girl!

    "We did know we were having a girl," says Teller, "and at this point we figured it would be another girl." 

    But that's more than okay with her.

    "We were not trying for a boy!" she says. "We are all over the moon, beyond happy to have this sweet girl in our family."