Mom's Genius Birthday Card Hack is the Best Way to Preserve Priceless Memories

Facebook/Bri Pato

When sparent finally makes it to their firstborn's first birthday, it's an overwhelming feeling. Not only are they officially kissing the "baby" years goodbye, they can celebrate that they survived the hardest year of their lives thus far. And after throwing an appropriately celebratory first birthday bash, parents are left with heaps of cards -- all of which have a special significance. The thing is, cards pile up over the years, often making their way into junk drawers and eventually the trash can, which a lot of people feel guilty about. 

So what's a sentimental mama with no room supposed to do? Take a page out of of this mom's book-- literally. 

Mama Bri Pato spotted this idea in a mom's Facebook group she belonged to and "just had" to try it for herself. The concept is very simple -- punch two holes in each of the cards and string them together to fashion a makeshift memory book. There is barely any crafting involved and the project will probably take all of 10 minutes to complete. And for the low price of 10 minutes and possibly a few paper cuts, kids will have a fun thing to look back on and know who was there to love on them in their first years of life. Plus, parents get slightly less cluttered junk drawers!

It's a true win-win. 

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