Mom's Adorable 'Baby Shark' & Boob Cake Smash Is an Ode to Her Little Biter

baby shark
Iga Logan photography

If you ask a mother who's breastfeeding what the worst part is, she might mention waiting for her baby to finish nursing, an embarrassing pumping story, or she might just lean close and tell you the truth: Those little suckers like to bite. Yup, as gorgeous and wonderful as your child is, the reality is that as soon as they start to get teeth, they might start to bite down on your nipple -- and even before those chompers come in, it still can hurt like hell! That's exactly why one mom, Kayla Seitz, decided to do a hilarious "Baby Shark"-themed photo shoot with her daughter to celebrate the many months she survived her little one's strong clench. 

  • The photos hilariously capture little Sophie digging into a boob-shaped cake to celebrate her first year of life.

    Photographer Iga Logan tells CafeMom that Sophie's mom came up with the idea of the "Baby Shark"-themed cake smash for her first birthday. And although the photographer had never shot anything like this before, she readily agreed that it was an amazing idea.

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  • Iga says that Kayla came up with the idea because her daughter kept biting her throughout their breastfeeding journey. 

    On the day of the shoot, baby shark Sophie only had a delicious boob-shaped cake to nibble on instead of the real deal. But Iga says that she was well-behaved throughout the entire shoot.

  • Iga tells us that so far the response to her photos has been great. 

    According to her, many moms find the photos completely relatable "because their kids did the same thing while breastfeeding." 

    So here's to both Sophie and her mom, who made it through her first year a little sore around the chest but mostly unscathed!

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