20 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Life With Twins

Megan Zander | Jan 7, 2019 Baby
20 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Life With Twins

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When I first found out I was having twins, I was ecstatic. Everyone knows that babies are adorable, and I was about to have not one but two precious little ones to love on. Knowing moms of multiples who had been in my shoes tried to warn me of what lied ahead, but I brushed off any warnings about twins being more than just "double trouble." After all, I'd managed to care for all 7 of my baby dolls growing up. And babies slept a lot, right? How much harder could having twins be, really? 

The truth is, the nuts and bolts of having twins -- the sleepless nights, the around-the-clock feedings, the constant and never-ending piles of tiny dirty laundry -- isn't something anyone can really prepare for. Twin parents become masters at multitasking. They're able to feed a baby with one hand while burping the other. They learn how to navigate stores graciously while people treat their babies like tiny celebrities, answering the same questions over and over (identical or fraternal? Who's older?) when all they really want to do is grab milk and bread and get home before the next feeding. 

But the joy and love that comes with having twins is so huge, so powerful and awe-inspiring, it makes every single double diaper blowout and all the other hard parts completely worth it. Twins share an amazing bond, and getting to watch that relationship blossom (even when they're causing trouble) is the best. 

Wonder what it's like to have wombmates that became roommates? These 20 photos perfectly sum up what life is like as a twin parent. 

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