Do You Bring Your Baby to Work?

I work from home so I guess you could say I bring my baby to work. And things sometimes get tricky. She tends to wake up in the middle of conference calls and decides to hit all the keys on my computer just when I'm about to send that oh-so-important e-mail. Still, I think it's a lot different than if I brought my baby into an office. But that's an alternative that more and more moms are considering, and that companies are allowing.


I just read an article in the New York Times about one woman who set up a play space near her office where her newborn could be with a babysitter. So she was still paying for childcare, but she could bond with her baby whenever she had a break, and could go to meetings without worrying. Her daughter, who is now three-and-a-half still goes to work with her mom as does her 7-month-old sister.

Some people think having a baby in the office is disruptive—not only to co-workers, but to themselves. One mommy blogger, who also read the Times article, said she wouldn't bring her baby to work because she couldn't give her the attention she deserved. She wished she had daycare in the building. That's my dream too.

What about you? Do you bring your baby to work with you? Would you if your employer allowed it? Would you have a babysitter come along too?

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