New Mom Takes Shower & Finishes Hot Coffee Thanks to the Genius Hack She Thought Up

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All new moms will tell you that one of the more challenging surprises of motherhood is that period of growth when your baby is SUPER clingy. Like the can't-go-to-the-bathroom kind of clinginess that makes even the smallest task that much harder. Which is why one mom from Australia's hilarious hack for handling her newborn's attachment issues has gone viral. Just fill up a rubber glove with air, lay it on bub's tummy and voilà! Time to sip some tea or take a coffee break. Now parents all over the Internet are sharing the viral pic because they find it just so darn brilliant.

  • Melissa Dykstra shared her #babyhack in a Facebook group where moms share their secret tips and tricks.

    According to The Courier Mail, Melissa shared the photo in the Baby Hints and Tips Facebook group, where it quickly racked up thousands of likes and more than 15K comments. 

    The mom explained that she had only come up with the trick in a moment of desperation to take a quick shower and finish her coffee, while her 1-month-old, Olivia, took a nap. Of course, as any new parent will tell you, that's easier said than done.

    “It gave me enough time for a shower and to finish my coffee while it was still hot,” the mom told

    "She’s going through her first ‘leap’ (in her mental development) so she’s been extra clingy the last few days and makes it so hard to even go to the bathroom so I thought I’d try it and I was surprised at how well it worked,” she added.

    And the mom explained that when her daughter eventually did wake up, no real harm was done.

    "I did sit with her and she wasn’t upset when she woke up, just looked a little confused," Melissa shared.

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  • Little did Melissa know when she shared her experiment online that it would become an immediate hit with other parents.

  • Some people joked that they wished they'd seen the post earlier.

  • And this mom is making a supermarket trip tout de suite.

    Some parents even suggested filling the glove with warm water or sand instead of air to make the "hand" more realistic.

  • Other parents shared the lengths they've gone to to get their kids to nap.

  • A book seems to be the most common way to get your little one to sleep it seems!

  • But the question still remains. Does it work?

  • There you have it new moms. Now go forth and get some me-time in! 

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