There Are Now Onesies With Infant CPR Instructions On Them & It's Genius

CPR Onesies

Stevie Skene is taking her biggest parenting scare and using it to do good in the world.

  • The idea for the onesies came from a scary moment in 2015 when Stevie's daughter Bobbie was choking.

    According to The Daily Mail, Bobbie was choking on a faulty piece of her baby walker when after "what felt like forever" her mom was able to revive her. Bobbie was certainly lucky that her mom knew the steps for CPR, but not all parents are aware of the right ways to revive their child should a dangerous accident like this happen. 

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  • Now the mom, who owns a clothing company called Homies & Co., is using her line to bring CPR awareness to other parents. 

    Stevie said that she knew she wanted to bring the onesies to her clothing line after she found someone in the United Kingdom who had made the CPR onesies "and I really wanted to bring them to Australia," she explained.

  • And we can see why Stevie was psyched. Inside every onesie is a complete set of instructions for how to perform CPR on your child.

    The first instruction is to call an ambulance. Then the instructions say to give five puffs of breath over your baby's nose and mouth, 30 hard pumps to the center of the chest using two fingers, and then alternating between two puffs and 30 pumps. 

    "We hope our onesies can provide peace of mind and education for parents as well as comfortability for babies," Stevie wrote on her clothing lines' website.

    'It's not only something that can be at your fingertips in an emergency situation but something that parents can read and be reminded of every time they're dressing their baby," she added. 

    Homies & Co. are selling the onesies in a pack of three for $35 or five for $50. And sizes range from 0 to 3 months to 18 to 24 months and come in grey, white, black, blue, or pink.

    The mom said that she even plans to donate some of the proceeds to a charity that helps women with postpartum depression.

    "If it even helps one parent my job would be done," she said.

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