40 Epic First Birthday High Chair Decoration Ideas

Kathleen Wong | Sep 28, 2018 Baby
40 Epic First Birthday High Chair Decoration Ideas

first birthday high chair decoration ideas

Our baby's first birthday is a major deal, there's no denying that. For one, it's their first lap around the sun. For another, they have probably encountered several firsts during that year. Oh, the memories we've made! And their first birthday is another memory and first in itself. It really is the time to celebrate. The perfect way to do so? With a first birthday high chair decoration that turns their high chair into a stunning piece of art/throne fit for a king or queen. An epically decorated high chair is a staple for celebrating first birthdays, no matter the theme or style of the event. The baby will be the center of attention -- and rightfully so. 

Decorating a baby's high chair for their first birthday, where they'll taste their birthday cake, is one of the sweetest moments of celebrating their initial year of life. We're sure to remember it and hopefully, they will too! (Although they're 1-year-old, so maybe not!) 

For those of us who had our high chairs decorated when we turned 1, doing it for our own baby is nostalgic in a way. Remember when our lockers used to be decorated for our birthdays in middle school? Or when our parents would send us an extra yummy care package for our first birthday in college? It's kind of like that. 

Of course, if we want to decorate the birthday boy or girl's high chair, we probably don't want it to look like every other tricked-out high chair in the world. We've scoured the Internet to find 40 totally epic first birthday high chair decoration ideas to draw inspiration from!