40 Fancy Baby Shower Cookie Ideas

Kathleen Wong | Sep 28, 2018 Baby
40 Fancy Baby Shower Cookie Ideas

Woodland creatures baby shower cookie ideas

As with every party, having the right food is essential to achieving success. When it's a baby shower, there's the opportunity to make that food super creative and absolutely adorable. The best choice? Desserts, of course. Baby shower treats are oh so sweet -- in more ways than one. To be more specific, baby shower cookies are the perfect no-fuss, utensil-free baby shower dessert to whip up. They're perfect for when we're the host of our own baby shower or if we need to bring a plate of something pretty to someone else's. In fact, making a few types of cookies may just be all the food we need to complete the baby shower.

Baby shower cookies are a wonderful way to emphasis the theme of the shower. And if they are extra-detailed and super cute, it'll really tie everything together in a delicious way! We're talking seashells for a mermaid theme, little baby deers for a woodland theme, or gold-laced cookies for straight-up elegance. Such well-decorated cookies most definitely help amp up the festive attitude for guests (and tasting delicious is a bonus too!) We'd like to think of them as hand-held edible decorations. Who isn't into that?

For those who are stuck on what kind of baby shower cookies to create, forget traditional plain, round sugar cookies and instead check out this slideshow of 40 fancy, beautiful baby shower cookie ideas. The cookies that lie ahead are treats for both our taste buds and our eyes, ideal for a rockin' baby shower.

Just be careful: These sweet treats are bound to put anyone's sweet tooth into overdrive!

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