20 Adorable Costume Ideas for a Baby Girl's First Halloween

Kayla Boyd | Sep 26, 2018 Baby
20 Adorable Costume Ideas for a Baby Girl's First Halloween

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The best part about Halloween is dressing up, hands-down. And the next best thing? Seeing all of the kids dressed up! Although big kids love to pick out their own Halloween costumes, parents are the ones making the decision for first year or two. And when it comes to dressing up a little girl, there are so many adorable possibilities. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider for a baby, like comfort, safety, and warmth, but that doesn't have to hold back parents when it comes to being creative. No matter if a parent wants to purchase a costume or go the DIY route, there are a lot of fun costume ideas out there for a little girl. 

For parents who have a sense of humor, try something like a grandma or an '80s fitness instructor. For parents who want to go the more traditional Halloween route, there are plenty of cute pumpkin costumes out there. And for moms who want their little girl to be a princess or a ballerina, then be on the lookout for tulle skirts! A lot of fun baby costumes can be made as well. Some parents get creative and make their little girl into everything from a gumball machine, to a cupcake, to a Cabbage Patch Kid! No matter what direction parents decide to go in, there are so many ways to make baby's first Halloween one for the baby book -- and at the least, snag a few amazing pictures for Instagram. Here are 20 creative, fun, and delightful Halloween costume ideas for a baby girl. Parents, cherish this time that you get to pick out the costume for them, because next year they might just drive you nuts. 

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