20 Rudest Things People Have Said to Moms Who Use Formula

formula feeding

Every baby is different. Some latch on to the boob at birth and breastfeed like pros. Others don't take to breastfeeding quite so well. Some babies have lip ties or tongue ties, some have allergies, some can't latch, and some are born to moms who simply prefer to bottle feed. Whatever the case, the only rule of baby feeding is that fed is best. But as we've seen so many times on message boards and in parenting groups, not everyone abides by that basic philosophy. Moms are still shamed every single day -- online, offline, by friends, and even by family -- for how they feed their babies. And one of the biggest reasons moms are shamed is for choosing to use formula.


Formula is basically a magical substance. It's helped countless babies survive and thrive and provided relief to so many struggling moms. Yet moms who use formula are bashed constantly. Efforts to increase the rates of breastfeeding moms -- which is a totally worthy goal -- have unfortunately had the unintended consequence of demonizing formula-feeding moms and making them feel like crap for not feeding their babies the "natural" way. Shaming moms for breastfeeding in public or breastfeeding for extended periods of time is not OK, but neither is shaming women for not breastfeeding at all. And it still happens, all the time. Don't believe me? Well, I have proof.

Here, moms are sharing the rudest and most outrageous things they've ever been told about formula feeding. Some of them were said by nurses or grandparents. Others were said by complete and total strangers. Their words prove that in the fight to keep babies fed and healthy by whatever means work for each individual family, we still have a very long way to go.

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