Used Baby Clothes Could be Outlawed

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Photo from Kid to Kid

I just learned from soulawakening82 in the Pregnancy group that as of February 10, 2009, it may be illegal to sell used baby clothes. A new law, the Consumer Product Safety Act, is scheduled to go into effect, and could cause thousands of retailers and consignment stores to throw away trunk-loads of clothing.The law requires that all products (including clothing) sold for children ages 12 and under, be tested for lead and other toxic chemicals. Anything that hasn't been tested will be considered hazardous (even if they don't contain the chemicals) and cannot be sold.


Supporters of the law say it's important because high levels of lead have been found in children's jewelry, ponchos, and in buttons and appliques on fabric. But others say the law was written too broadly. In addition to hurting thrift and consignment shops, which may have to close their doors, the law could affect small, independent makers of handcrafted toys and handmade clothes, such as the CafeMom Etsy Moms. The problem is that the tests are expensive and small business owners can't afford them.

If you think the law needs refining, there is still time to act before it goes through. You can get information on what to do at the Handmade Toy Alliance web site.

What do you think? Is it important to protect our babies at all costs? Or is the law too broad?

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