Fake Babies: Wonderful or Weird?

reborn doll

photo from Reborn Babies in Bloom Nursery

This baby is a fake

Have you heard of "reborns?" They're dolls that are designed to look and feel like real newborn babies. But they're made for adults not for children. Many women get one or collect several and treat them like real babies—dressing them in baby clothes (doll clothes don't fit), putting them in strollers or slings and walking in the park, carrying them around, and cuddling them.


The dolls can be quite expensive as far as dolls go, since they can cost in the hundreds or even thousands. But for some women these dolls fill a void created by not being able to have children, not being able to afford adoption, or the loss of a child. For others, they offer all the "good parts" of motherhood without the problems—dirty diapers, sleepless nights, saving for college.

Do you have a reborn doll? Would you ever get one?

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