The One Thing to Really, Really Encourage in Your Baby Right Now

Baby crawling and playing
olesiabilkei/ iStock

As a mom who wants to give her baby the best start in life, there's one question you may be surprised to find yourself frequently asking: "Is it worth the effort?" Is it worth reading to your infants when they don't even seem to be paying attention? Is it worth exposing your baby to colorful new toys when he lacks the coordination to hold onto them? Is it worth the trek to the museum or the aquarium when it means lugging a huge diaper bag and risking an all-out meltdown if she gets hungry? Sometimes the effort of nurturing your baby's development is exhausting.


But it's worth it. (You knew that was coming, didn't you?) As this new video from Baby Einstein reminds us, cultivating natural curiosity early on -- through novel objects, ideas, and experiences -- is what inspires children to ask questions, seek out answers, and ultimately live a life of purpose. Teaching them that the world is an interesting place to explore is what leads to the future scientists, artists, and innovators who will together change our world. So go ahead, make the effort. Ignite your baby's curiosity -- even if he or she can't thank you for it yet.

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