This Mom Posted a Terrifying Video Of Her Baby Struggling to Breathe for an Important Reason

Baby Oliver
Facebook/Ashley Conklin

There is nothing scarier than having to take your newborn back to the hospital, but what's worse is knowing that the danger your baby is in could have easily been prevented. Take it from one Missouri mom who had the scare of a lifetime when her son was rushed to the hospital to treat  pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) that was given to him by a family member who had come to visit him while sick. 

  • The trouble started when mom Ashley Conklin noticed that her son's nose was blocked. 

    According to Kidspot, little Oliver had been born without complications, but as a winter baby (born February 6) his doctors warned Ashley to be wary of flu season risk factors. At the hospital, the doctors placed Oliver under a restricted visitors rule. They decided to not allow children under 14-years-old to visit Ashley's new son, unless being treated for flu. 

    But when Ashley brought her new little nugget home, she began to notice unusual symptoms of sickness. About nine days after Oliver had been born, Ashley "noticed the skin near his collar bones was sucking in and his belly was doing the same," she told Kidspot. "His breathing also sounded like he was panting."

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  • Troubled by her son's breathing, Ashley called her pediatrician and a friend who is a nurse, who urged her to take Oliver to the hospital immediately.

    Ashley drove her son to Cox Medical Center South in Springfield, Missouri. In a post that the new mom published to Facebook, she explains that doctors ran numerous tests on her son, including x-rays, blood and urine tests, 2 breathing treatments, and a lumbar puncture to determine what was causing his irregular breathing. 

    "It was terrible," Ashley confided to Kidspot. "For his spinal tap no one could be in the room because of infection risks. I had to walk away from hearing him screaming getting that test done. I still cry thinking about how helpless he was."

    Kidpot notes that Oliver was also tested for strep, meningitis, and RSV, which seems like the common cold in an adult, but can be deadly for babies. 

    “I had heard of babies being hospitalized but I honestly thought I was being a typical ‘worried new mom,'" Ashley told Kidspot. "When the team stepped into the room I was hoping I would hear, 'it’s just a cold, he’s OK.'"

    "Instead, they told me if I had waited another 24 hours he could have potentially died."

  • Oliver had been diagnosed with bronchitis, viral pneumonia, and RSV, a devastating diagnosis that not every newborn survives. 

    "The pediatric specialist warned us that RSV symptoms and issues come in a ‘peak’ over the next 36 hours," she told Kidspot. "It would get worse. Some babies don’t survive the peak and Oliver was only 11 days’ old."

    Luckily, Oliver did make it through the "peak" of his illness and had a full recovery. He stayed a total of five days in the hospital, but any new mom would agree that five days in the hospital is five days too long. 

  • Since the recovery of her son, Ashley is speaking out and warning other parents about the dangers of having people who are sick visit their newborns.

    In a viral Facebook post which has been viewed over a million times, Ashley shared a video of her son Oliver in the hospital struggling to breathe. 

    "In case you need a reminder of why you should stay away from newborns even with a sniffle ... my heart is broken," she wrote. 

    Explaining why she decided to share her son's story Ashley told Kidspot that she couldn't believe how much havoc "a simple common cold" had brought into her son's life. 

    "I wanted all of my friends to see not only how dangerous it was to come to someone’s home when they felt under the weather, but to see this was real and it could happen to their baby too," She added.

    Ultimately she told the site, that if she can tell good intentioned friends or family who want to visit their loved one's new baby it would be, "stay away from any babies when you’re feeling sick, even just a slight cough can hurt a baby."

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