This Is the Exact Baby Blanket Kate Middleton Uses & It's Been a Royal Tradition for Almost 70 Years

kate middleton baby blanket
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Since the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, gave birth on Monday, she and her new baby have been a global topic of discussion. While most people have been speculating on the new baby's name or talking about Kate's gorgeous red dress, there's something else on people's minds -- the new prince's baby blanket. From the significance behind it to where it can be purchased, here's everything you need to know. 

  • According to Cosmopolitan UKthe new royal baby's pristine white blanket is made by G.H. Hurt & Son, a knitwear company based in Nottingham, England.

    The blanket -- called the Nottingham Lace Knitted Baby Shawl -- is made of the "finest and softest merino wool" and matches the ones Prince George and Princess Charlotte were wrapped up in when they were first presented to the world. But these instances are more than just coincidence; it's actually a sentimental nod from Kate Middleton to the royal mothers and babies who came before her.

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  • As PopSugar points out, the royal family has been going to G.H. Hurt & Son to buy these signature white lace baby blankets for nearly 70 years. 

    Queen Elizabeth II was the first to use the company in 1948 after she gave birth to Prince Charles. Following her lead, Princess Diana used them for both Prince William and Prince Harry. Gillian Taylor, director of G.H. Hurt & Son, told Cosmopolitan UK that the company was incredibly happy to see the still-unnamed prince in one of its blankets. "We feel so honored that William and Kate have again chosen our beautiful merino wool lacy knitted baby shawls and in doing so have continued a tradition for the next generation of royals," she said.

    It's no wonder the company is so excited -- demand for G.H. Hurt & Son blankets reportedly skyrocketed right after births of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

  • For folks looking to incorporate a classic royal tradition in their own lives, the Nottingham Lace Knitted Baby Shawl retails at £69.95 (about $97).

    It can be bought on the G.H. Hurt & Son website.


  • For those looking to incorporate this tradition without breaking the bank, there are a few great cheaper options, as the Sun points out.

    The Wool Company has a Traditional Ivory Wool Baby Shawl for £40 (about $56). In addition to looking similar to the G.H. Hurt & Son blanket Kate Middleton used, it's also made of 100 percent merino wool too!

  • There's also the Butterfly Baby Shawl by John Lewis for £24 (about $33).

    John Lewis doesn't specify what type of wool is used for this blanket, but it does bear a striking resemblance to the one used by the new royal baby. 

  • This blanket is just another one of the many ways Kate Middleton keeps royal traditions alive. 

    Being able to honor both her husband's mother and grandmother with such a simple gesture is just one more reason everyone loves her so much.