Do You Use a Baby Monitor?

I registered for a baby monitor and got one at my shower, but I've never really used it. I always hear my baby no matter where I am—home, my mom's house, my in-laws. As soon as she peeps, I'm at her side. But some moms don't use baby monitors because they don't want to hear every breath the baby takes (or static from the monitor). They want to be able to relax a little—sleep, eat, or shower and not be interrupted by every little sound.


Some parents keep the monitor on during the day and when the baby naps, but turn it off at night. It's not just so they can sleep, it's so the baby can sleep too. Anonymous writes in Answers: "Lately my husband and I are jumping at every sound she makes and go make her a bottle, but come back to find her fast asleep because she was just tossing a little. We thought we would turn off the baby monitor and when she really cried out we would race to feed her. Because we are right next to her we will hear any crying. Is that a bad idea?"

Most of the moms who responded agreed that turning off the monitor was perfectly fine.

"I have an 8-week-old daughter and her room is right next to ours. I am a light sleeper so when she cries I can get up in a snap. As long as you don't think you will sleep through her hunger cries, you should be fine." blueeyes71883

"Turn it off! You need your rest and so does she."momofsaee

"Turn it off. You'll get used to the different cries and know when you need to run in and when she's just settling back to sleep. My dd still wakes up and fusses at 16 months for a few minutes and goes right back to sleep. She's two rooms down and I hear her fine."ferdo0204

"At that age, if they need you, they will let you know!"KDW211

"What monitor do you have? I want it! I want to hear every breath!"hendrickson

How about you? Do you have a baby monitor? Do you use it?

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