50 Nursery Decor Ideas That Are Stylishly Neutral & Perfect for Any Baby

Michele Zipp | Feb 15, 2018 Baby
50 Nursery Decor Ideas That Are Stylishly Neutral & Perfect for Any Baby
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Expectant and new parents tend to put a lot of thought into creating a nursery that's stylish and has the right amount of fun for baby. There can even be a bit of stress to find the type of decor and look that will fit a new little person we don't even know yet! That's why neutral nurseries are so inspiring. These ideas are based in muted colors and work for a boy or a girl -- and easily convert into a big-kid room, no matter what interests and decorations the child wants to incorporate.

Neutral nursery ideas go beyond basic white -- there's something for everyone in every style. Some are mainly neutral but have pops of bright colors -- with such vibrant greens, blues, red, and yellows. And there's also a gorgeous array of black and white designs reimagined in such creative ways. We've also rounded up some of the coolest neutral wall art and crib sheets to inspire, as well as types of cribs and window treatments and even some toys that do double duty in cute factor and function. 

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These gender-neutral nurseries are not only design inspiration, but they will inspire the little ones, too. Babies will love the colors and contrasts -- as well as the many creatures and designs. Plus, these ideas are timeless, so there doesn't have to be a major redesign once baby gets to toddlerhood.

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Prepare to be very inspired by 50 amazing neutral nurseries!