How Many Babies is Too Many?

chicksIf you're a fan of the show 17 Kids and Counting, or a member of the group The Duggars Seventeen ... and Counting, you know that Michelle Duggar recently gave birth to her 18th baby. That's a lot of babies! I've always wanted a big family, but I never really thought about what my cut-off would be when it came to having kids.


Tom Cruise says he wants ten—but he probably won't be the primary caregiver. And he doesn't have to get pregnant or give birth. Speaking of that, just how healthy is it to be pregnant eighteen times? Cafe Kristen, over in the Healthy Living Buzz, interviewed some nurses to find out the answer to that question. Take a look to get their medical take on whether pregnancy is hard on our bodies.

Medical and health issues aside, is there such a thing as having too many kids? What would your limit be?

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