Glow, Baby: Stylish and Functional Ways to Light Up Your Baby’s Nursery

Target lighting

Your new baby is the light of your life – which is precisely why you spent so much time debating color schemes, choosing the perfect theme, and finding the perfect furniture and accessories for the nursery. Come winter, as the days get shorter and the nights darker, adding a warm glow to your baby’s room with a nightlight or accent lamp offers the picture-perfect finishing touch.

  • Good Night Light

    good night light

    There’s something so dreamy about this night light. It’s big enough to make a statement yet sends out the perfect amount of glow. The Good Night message is cut out amidst a sprinkling of stars. Best of all, this clever LED light automatically shuts off in three hours. 

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  • Starry, Starry Night

    star night light

    This adorable star-studded globe casts a twinkling glow onto nearby surfaces, giving off a calming and reassuring amount of light.

  • Unique as a Unicorn

    unicorn night light

    Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Add some whimsy to your baby’s nursery with the White Unicorn Wall Light. Switch it on at bedtime and set the timer for automatic shut off.

  • Fly Like a Bird

    bird night light

    Sometimes we all need a reminder to spread our wings and fly. And it’s never too early to convey those messages to a child. This sweet little bird shines on a dresser or table, giving off a warm and cozy glow to the nest.

  • Batter Up

    baseball night light

    If you’re going for a sports theme in the nursery for your little boy or girl, nothing does it better than a light-up baseball. The ceramic ball has cutouts along the laces to dot the room with just the right amount of light.

  • A Whale of a Tale

    whale night light

    There’s something quite calming about the sea and something quite charming about a whale in the water. Or in the nursery! This cute little guy automatically “spouts” out his light when the room gets dark.

  • Who Do You Love?

    heart night light

    This heart-shaped light box tells it all. Babies and hearts were made for each other and you can never have too many reminders of love in a room. This box can sit on a table or hang on the wall as a piece of functional art.  

  • Pointing in the Right Direction

    arrow night light

    The best bedtime stories have twists and turns but leave beloved characters heading the right way. This table lamp adds a touch of adventure and is sure to spark both of your imaginations when you snuggle together with a book.

  • A Loyal Best Friend

    French bulldog lamp

    Everyone deserves a doggie, especially an adorable (and low-maintenance) one like this cute little French bulldog lamp. He’ll cast a soft, reassuring glow from a dresser or table in baby’s room.