Mom Admits She Hates Her Baby & the Internet's Response Is Unexpected

Crying baby

Women often don't feel comfortable sharing how much they're struggling after having a baby. If they do open up about their problems, these moms usually limit how much they reveal instead of completely getting real. However, one desperate mom has gotten to the point that she "hates" her baby because things have gotten so bad -- and she's ready to anonymously seek help instead of remaining silent anymore.  

  • In a raw post, this distraught mom of three explained why she "hates" her 5-month-old baby boy.

    She allowed herself to be vulnerable on Mumsnet and shared that she's tried everything she can think of to soothe her baby. "I couldn't keep up with breastfeeding, with the constant crying I thought he was starving. He was on soy milk for two months but all it did was constipate him, there was no change in his behavior," she commented. "My family will not look after him because they know what he is like and my partner is only home from work on Sundays."

    The mom added that she's tried taking him back to the doctors for help but feels like her pediatrician doesn't take her seriously. "It’s always just 'boo hoo sad face babies cry,'" she wrote. "I know it’s terrible to say I hate him, it's sickening feeling this way. I hate the endless crying and cannot develop any kind of relationship with him, he doesn't even feel like my child most days. All I want in this world is for him to be happy and healthy and feel safe with me like my others."

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  • Instead of judging this distraught mom, many strangers rallied around her with an outpouring of support.

  • Some could relate to the "soul destroying" feeling of endless nights without sleep.

  • Others congratulated her just for making it this far while reaffirming that this isn't her fault.

  • And reminded her the importance of support from fellow moms.

  • Another mom not only shared similar "broken" feelings in her pep talk but also gave hope to get her through this.

  • Others offered support by sharing medical advice based on their own experiences.

  • The moms who have been through it can more than relate to her and her child's agony.

  • Others encouraged her to demand that the doctor take her seriously.

  • And pumped her up to march in the office armed with questions and not to back down until someone listens.

  • This flood of support gave her exactly what she needed: the strength to keep going and fight for her child.

  • "All the personal experiences shared have given me some strength and hope for my son," she wrote.

    "So glad that there are so many people out there to offer a helping hand I honestly can't tell you how much more positive I feel reading these comments!" she wrote. "I thank you for reaching out to help a stranger in need. I'm no longer blubbering into a pillow preparing to relive the same day over again. You've focused me and I’m determined to get answers!"