Mom Called 'Abusive' for Wanting to Pierce Her Baby's Ears


There are countless different ways to approach parenting, but this fact doesn't prevent some pretty heated debates among opinionated parents. One of these topics that people tend to feel strongly about is if and when moms or dads should allow babies' ears to be pierced. When one mom sought advice about breastfeeding a baby who has newly pierced ears, the Internet didn't help with her concern and instead bombarded her with comments, calling her abusive for her decision. 

  • An anonymous mom unintentionally started a major debate debate by asking a simple question.

    She shared online that she was planning to get her infant daughter's ears pierced and was looking for a bit of advice on the aftercare of the piercing and how it might affect her breastfeeding. "I understand some parents may have mixed views on this subject," she wrote. 

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  • It wasn't long before the comments came pouring in.

    The vast majority of them came from "concerned" parents who offered little advice on how to care for the piercing. Instead, they attempted to change her mind about doing it. "And you're planning [on] inflicting pain on your child, why?" one mom wrote. 

  • Some went so far as to slam her for "abusive" behavior.

  • Others pointed out that piercings on children are more for vanity than anything else.

    "It's selfish in my opinion, they are little people, not a fashion accessory," a mom wrote. 

  • Things got pretty nasty.

  • But not everyone in the thread was so quick to judge the mom.

    Even some who were personally against piercing baby's ears pointed out that many people were being needlessly mean to the mom. "I know plenty of people who got their baby's ears pierced at a very young age, never once have I thought it made them a bad parent or that it's cruel." 

  • It was also argued that piercing a child's ears shouldn't be considered child abuse.

    "Some people are so dramatic," one mom wrote.

  • In the end, the mother conceded to her critics.

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    She shared that she thought long and hard about subjecting her child to the unnecessary pain of an ear piercing and decided that she probably wouldn't have even been able to go through with it in the first place. "I've come to the conclusion that I will not get it done," she wrote. "I will wait until she's old enough to ask for herself."

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