Mom Comes Up With Genius Pacifier Trick for Getting Babies to Self-Soothe at Night

The sound of a baby wailing in the middle of the night for her lost paci is unmistakable -- and for many parents, unavoidable. One genius mother has found the perfect way to keep her baby daughter from losing her dummy at night, and it's so creative you'll be jealous you didn't think of it first. 

  • Thirty-seven-year-old mom Laura Gerson posted about her hack in a private Facebook group.

    Gerson tells CafeMom the idea came to her naturally after watching her daughter, Amelia, struggle to find her pacifier on a baby monitor one night. "[I] just put a couple [pacifiers in her crib] the next night," she explains. Gerson says her trick didn't work out so well the first time, as one of the pacifiers ended up falling out of the crib. So she increased the number of pacifiers she surrounded her daughter with, so all she had to do was reach out and find one.

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  • But the mom says surrounding her daughter with pacifiers did more than just make it easier for her to find one in the night.

    "When she had lots in there, she was quite calmed falling asleep with them in her hands too," Gerson tells CafeMom. "She isn't a total dummy fiend and doesn't even have them through the day, but it really soothes her having them through the night. Having more in there makes it easy for her to find one and hold one -- or two."

    "It just made sense, if that was all she wanted, to make it easier for her to get to them without getting herself stressed when she couldn't," she adds.

  • See? We told you it was amazing!

  • Gerson says she's been employing her little trick since Amelia was 3 months old.

    And with the little girl turning 1 year old at the end of January, she hasn't had any problems with it -- although Mom did share with Huffington Post UK that, like most parents, she fears the day when the pacifier becomes a thing of the past.

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    "I don't even wanna think about the time when the ’dummy fairy’ comes to take them away though!”

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