15 Photos of the Happiest 'Milk Drunk' Babies That Prove There's Nothing Cuter

Megan Zander | Jan 3, 2018 Baby
15 Photos of the Happiest 'Milk Drunk' Babies That Prove There's Nothing Cuter
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Whether it's bottle, boob, or a combination of both, having a new baby means spending lots of time feeding and holding them while they nap afterwards. Infants have just a few basic functions: cry, eat, sleep, and look adorable, which is why we love it when they combine the last three in that full body relaxation mode known as "milk drunk." Seeing a baby fully passed out and dreaming right after a feeding is clear and undeniable evidence that a parent is crushing it, and that baby couldn't be happier. 

Normally, anyone who drinks to the point of passing out isn't funny; they're sloppy and possibly in need of some professional intervention. But there's something truly adorable about a baby having a little too much of the "house white" (breast milk, of course) and hunkering down to sleep it off right afterwards, preferably right in mama's arms.

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For new parents, it's easy to get hung up on all the things that aren't going smoothly, to focus on the middle-of-the-night crying jags or the diaper explosions that leave the living room carpet forever scarred. This is why it's so important for us to stop and cherish (and maybe snap a picture or two) of the super precious and sometimes hilarious sight of our babies completely blissed out post-meal, to remember the sweeter side of having a newborn. Unlike their grown-up counterparts, milk-drunk babies are an absolutely adorable sight to behold, and we've gathered up some photos that prove it. 

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