Mom Issues Urgent Warning After 10-Week-Old Almost Loses 2 Toes to This Overlooked Danger

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One might think they are the expert when it comes to baby proofing their house or knowing all the precautions that he or she should take to keep a new baby safe. But babies have a way of getting into unpredictable jams that even the most prepared mother could never anticipate -- which was the hard lesson Heather Fricke, mother of two, learned when her 10-week-old son Jacob was rushed to the emergency room for the most unexpected reason: Strands of Heather's hair had gotten tangled around her son's toes causing them to turn blue, and that's not even the worst part. Apparently this is a common thing that happens to newborns. 

  • After a diaper change, Jacob's dad, Tommy, noticed something was wrapped around his son's little toes.

    In the story Heather recounts on Facebook, she explains that she "fed and changed both his diaper and clothes for a party we were going to" before Tommy noticed that two of Jacob's toes had turned blue. Desperate to rescue his toes, Heather tried to get her hair off her son's third and fourth toes, but ultimately decided to take him to the emergency room.

    "We spent an hour and a team of five doctors trying [sic] to get the rest of MY HAIR off his two toes," Heather writes. "T[he] doctors said if I didn’t take off the hair that I was able to get off that his two toes they would’ve had to be amputated."

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  • Luckily, doctors were able to rescue Jacob's toes, but his feet still looked worse for the wear 12 hours after the hair removal.

    Heather posted the photo on Facebook with a warning to other parents, and she made it a point to share some other special wisdom for moms who have little boys. In regards to checking a baby for hair she says, "If you have a baby boy even his PENIS. Yes, I said penis ... they are such tiny babies and our hair can be such a hazard but it’s something that we never really pay attention to."

    Heather's post has received over 22,000 likes since it was published, but what is most surprising is that she isn't alone in having this unusual series of events.

  • In fact, many chimed in that this had also happened to them.

    One mom said her daughter's toes got caught in a string from a pair of socks.

  • The biggest culprit seems to be hair that gets trapped in onsies, socks, or booties.

    "This actually happened to my daughter," one Facebook commenter writes, "The hair (mine) got had gotten caught in the stitches of the booties."

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  • And one mom said that she even resorted to using Nair to free her little one's toes.

    And while it is impossible to be prepared for every potential disaster, Heather leaves us with this solid piece of advice: "CHECK YOUR BABYS TOES AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!" 

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