Mom Finds Out That Her Husband Leaves Their Baby in the Car at the Gas Station & Is Furious


Leaving children alone in cars is something we shouldn't have to debate about. With so many well-publicized, tragic accidents that only occurred because children were left by themselves inside cars, most people are fully aware of the dangers and take proper precautions. Unfortunately, some refuse to budge from an action they view as "harmless," and one woman recently found out that she is married to someone who shares this way of thinking. She's now asking for advice after she discovered that her husband thinks it's perfectly acceptable to leave their baby alone in the car

  • The concerned mom shared the situation online and asked for help settling the argument with her husband.

    According to the anonymous mom's post on Mumsnet, she discovered that the man was fine with leaving their 20-month-old daughter in the car alone for short periods of time. She shared that he had admitted to previously leaving her in the car while running into the gas station and justified his actions by saying, "it's only for two minutes."

    The woman explained that she was "horrified" at his admission and asked others in the forum to weigh in on the discussion. "Am I being unreasonable?" she asked. 

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  • Surprisingly, there were quite a few moms in the thread who seemed to agree with her husband.

  • Some believe that it's more dangerous to walk across a busy gas station parking lot with a toddler.

    "There is a risk of another car hitting yours, but there is (in my opinion) higher risk of getting hit when walking across the forecourt," another mom wrote. 

  • Someone even called the mom ridiculous for thinking it was dangerous to leave her kid in the car alone.

    "The likelihood of your car being hit is negligible compared to when you're actually driving," she said. "As for kidnapping, are you famous?" 

  • Of course, there were plenty who agreed with mom that it was too risky.

    One mom shared a story about a child who was left in the car alone at a gas station, got out of her seat, and moved the handbrake. This caused the car to crash into an electricity box. "Accidents can happen," she wrote. "I wouldn't leave a child in a car."

  • Another pointed out that the husband would probably never leave a valuable item hanging out alone at a gas station.

  • One mom said that the hassle of getting her kid out of the car is more than worth knowing she's safe.

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    This topic is one that is very highly debated. More specifically, very few moms in this thread were stuck in the middle -- they either found it completely harmless or extremely dangerous. While no one has seemed to come to an agreement yet, it definitely has people riled up. 

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