12 Too-Real Struggles Only Parents of Twins Understand


Having twins is an amazing gift. But while all new parents struggle as they figure out what they're doing with a tiny new human, having two tiny humans to look after at once comes with its own set unique challenges. It's true that twins are adorable, but they're also a ton of work! Here's just a few of the struggles only fellow parents of twins will understand. 

  • 1. Getting treated like a celebrity every time you venture into public.

    It’s wonderful that people want to show your babies love, but sometimes you’re just trying to grab a load of bread and get back home before your boobs explode, stranger cooing over the double stroller.

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  • 2. Answering the same questions over and over and over.

    "Fraternal, this one was born first, no they don’t run in the family, yes I have my hands full and please don’t ask me the details about my sex life while we’re standing here next to the bananas." Honestly, handing out business cards with the answers preprinted would be save time. 

  • 3. Having to buy two of everything.

    You think buying one crib, carseat, high chair and stroller set you back? Double it. Now think about college and try not to faint.

  • 4. Trying to decide which baby to pick up when they’re both crying.

    No matter what you do, you lose.

  • 5. When they both have diaper blowouts at the exact same time.

    You can throw out those onesies but the memory of that smell will stay with you forever. 

  • 6. Trying not to compare their milestones to each other.

    If Baby A is rolling over already but Baby B laughs when you sneeze, will they both get into their first choice college?

  • 7. When you’ve got them in super cute matching outfits, and one baby spits up.

    Do you force the clean baby to go through a costume change for the sake of looking adorable, or just go with it?

  • 8. When it’s 2:13 in the morning, and you’re not 100% sure which baby you're feeding.

    As long as you’re feeding a baby and not the dog, right?

  • 9. Signing up for infant classes.

    You so desperately want to get out of the house and meet other new moms. But unless your partner has a super flexible schedule or your mom or a childfree friend can come with, most Mommy and Me classes require a one to one parent/baby ratio. There go your dreams of doing baby yoga or swim classes. 

  • 10. Carrying two infant carriers to and from the car at once.

    At least your biceps will rival Wonder Woman’s by the time the kids are walking.

  • 11. Making two infant well-visit pediatrician appointments at the same time.

    Oh you want back to back appointments? Check back in three years. 

  • 12. Waiting for your babies to finally start sleeping though the night.

    As soon as one falls asleep, the other starts crying. It’s like they plan it.  

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