11 Gifts Your Baby Really Wants for Christmas


If you've been poring over Amazon reviews trying to figure out which plastic toys are most likely to light your baby up with joy on Christmas morning, or if you're still trying to find a sitter so you can hit the toy store without blowing the Santa secret, fear not. When it comes to holiday gifts, your baby doesn't want you to spend a dime. They might be too young to write down their wish list, but if babies could tell us what they really want for Christmas, here's what they'd ask for.


  • 1. A VIP pass to the Big Bed.

    Those precious Sesame Street sheets you think they'll love falling asleep with are a nice thought. But high on your little ones' wish lists is snoozing in between their two favorite people all night long. And, no, they don't care if you don't get any sleep.

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  • 2. The box from the hottest toddler toy of the year.

    Not the toy that had you driving around to five different stores and getting into an eBay bidding war. They'll lose interest in that approximately 20 seconds after they open it. But the giant box it came in? Yes, please.

  • 3. 10 minutes alone with a wall and a black marker.

    They just want to express themselves, and the dining room is the perfect canvas -- if you'll let them.

  • 4. That scrap of paper they were playing with that you threw out last week because it was on the floor.

    Yes, that insignificant piece of total garbage is what your toddler really wants to play with most on Christmas. They miss it. They can't live without it. Maybe it's still in the garage bin?

  • 5. Whatever food is on your plate.

    Who wants to eat pureed peas when there are french fries around? Gimme!

  • 6. Grandma.

    She never says no, and she always has candy. Grandma is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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  • 7. Unlimited screen time.

    What do we want? Disney Jr. When do we want it? ALWAYS. 

  • 8. Your pots, pans, and a wooden spoon.

    Yeah, some babies might be into that flashy toy drum kit you stayed up until 11 putting together on Christmas Eve. But bashing on a mixing bowl just makes a certain sound, you know?

  • 9. Unfettered access to you hair, necklace, and earrings.

    They just want to see what it tastes like!

  • 10. A drink in the orange cup.

    No, not that one. No, not that one. That's not it either. THAT'S THE WRONG SHADE OF ORANGE. Check under the couch. 

  • 11. 2,472 Choruses of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a row, sung by you.

    Don't slack off. They're counting.

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