This T-Shirt Is Perfect for Dads Who Want to Start Babywearing


Sometimes it can be tough to make new dads feel included in popular parenting trends. Things like babywearing are often viewed as being exclusively done by Mom. Although we know that isn't true, we can't deny that there aren't a ton of babywearing products made and marketed with dads in mind -- until now! One company is pushing the envelope with its incredible line of dad-friendly, babywearing T-shirts

  • Lalabu has been around since 2013, and these shirts have only gotten more popular since babywearing became more common.

    Started by a husband and wife duo, LalaBu launched with the Soothe Shirt. 

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  • Originally, the T-shirt with a "pocket" for baby was made with moms in mind.

    With soft fabric, diverse colors, and a handle baby-sized pouch in the front, the Soothe Shirt allowed moms to participate in babywearing without the added hassle of extra gear.  

  • As the Soothe Shirt gained more notoriety, it wasn't long before people began asking Lalabu to make a version of the shirt for dads as well.

  • The company answered the call beautifully...

    In turn, it created Dad Shirts, a clothing item that they tout as "the first babywearing shirt exclusively for dads." 

  • Available in "Simple Gray" and "Calm Blue," the V-neck shirts are sold at $75 a pop.

    That's certainly a hefty price to pay for a T-shirt, but also totally worth it when you think about dads being able to experience the special bonding time that comes with babywearing. 

  • It's amazing to see a company that takes both moms and dads into consideration when it comes to babywearing.

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    With the benefits of babywearing ranging from babies crying less to children developing deeper bonds with their parents, it's only right that we allow dads to have a piece of the pie as well. Whichever parent chooses to wear them, these Lalabu shirts are definitely one of the most low-maintenance, handy pieces of kid gear around.

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