I Don't Make Resolutions, Do You?

hot air balloons

photo by my2luvbugs

I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I never have. I know myself better. The surest way to get me not to do something is to make me feel like I have to do it. About ten years ago, Mr. Cafe Suzanne and I started our own tradition. On New Year's Eve, we each write down all the things we want to do, places we want to visit, things we wish would happen.


It's sort of like what Oprah would call a life list. But there's no obligation. No pressure. No guilt. If you happen to get something done that year, great. If not, maybe you'll do it next year (assuming you're still interested). We save the lists and look at them year after year, crossing things off (sometimes years after we first wrote them), laughing at things we've still never done. Our lists have included things like "have a baby," "go to Vietnam," "win the lottery." (Two out of three ain't bad!) There are no rules. You can put whatever you want on your list. You can have two things or a hundred. Here's mine for this year. (Please don't tell Mr. Cafe Suzanne—I've got to honor our tradition tonight!)

1. Start sewing again

2. Learn how to garden

3. Practice speaking French

4. Read a book a month

5. Go to Morocco

6. Find and buy the house of my dreams

7. Volunteer someplace where I can help the elderly

8. Learn how to play the fiddle

9. Make stationery

10. Open a cupcake bakery

11. Sleep more

12. Make one new, really good friend

13. Write a screenplay

14. Whiten my teeth

15. Take a photography course

16. Take a painting class

17. Go to the opera

18. Get a puppy

19. Write in my baby's journal

20. Give my daughter some siblings

So there you have it. What's on your "life list"?


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