18 Unexpected Must-Haves You Should Pack in Your Diaper Bag

We’re not just moms – we’re also like MacGyver, prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s why our diaper bags aren’t just packed with the usual essentials like diapers, wipes, and bottles. Are you venturing out with your little one armed with useful tools like this? If not, make sure you stock up before your next outing!


Jamielynn: A gallon sized Ziploc bag for blowout outfits after you rinse them out. This has saved me from trashing so many nice outfits!

Courtney: Chopsticks. They mix formula great when you're out of the house all day, without making it too foamy!

Lindsey: Tampons or pads (for mommy!) I got my postpartum period at 4 months & they are so unpredictable after pregnancy!

Tonya: Doggy poop bags. Great for storing a dirty diaper when there isn't an appropriate garbage can around. And they smell nice, so there's that.

Liza: In the first few months, I never left the house without puppy pads. It never failed in those early months that they would have diaper blowouts in the car seat. A [car-seat tech] recommended the pads to help. If they had a blowout, I could clean them up then put a pad down to keep the poo/pee off their clean clothes. I mostly used it beforehand (I knew when poop day was coming and prepared) to keep the car seat clean.

Erica: Lip gloss! Because I always needed a beauty boost in the throes of it all.

Liz: A nail file for myself. When I was nursing my nails would just break, peel, flake, crack so easily, even with vitamins. I used my nail file more than anything.

Michelle: Obviously extra clothes for the kid(s), but I learned to throw an extra shirt in there for me as well!

Marlene: I’ve tried to teach my daughter to keep a small bag of  ‘what ifs' in the diaper bag for her twins: a Ziploc bag with a couple more empty bags in it, a small sewing kit, a roll of duct tape, a small pair of scissors, a small change purse with change and $1 bills. I like to plan, lol.

Vivian: I never forget a spoon, lol. Never know when baby wants a bite!

Julie: Disposable bibs. So I don't have to carry the gross ones around. And plastic adhesive placemats for eating out!

Inés: When they were newborns: clean undies for mommy! Those darn sneezes.

Maria: A travel-size first aid kit with a couple of Band-Aids and a travel pack of tissues.

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