10 Embarrassing Moments Every New Mom Can Relate To

woman kissing newborn baby

After giving birth, new moms can expect to be focused on bonding with baby, juggling visits from grandparents and other family members and friends, sending out birth announcements, acclimating themselves to nursing or bottle-feeding, and trying to get a little sleep. Those are the givens. But after welcoming their little one, new moms also realize they'll do best to expect a few embarrassing, cringeworthy, and OMG unexpected moments.


It comes with the new mom territory: living through challenging, ridiculous, maybe even mortifying moments they may or may not have been fully prepped for. Thankfully, these are moments new moms can simply chalk up to the hazing process that is new motherhood. (This too shall pass -- promise!)

Ultimately, these are amazing stories to share with other, even newer moms to let them know they're so not alone! Whether they were being thrown into the deep end of breastfeeding in public, peed themselves before regaining post-baby bladder control, or grappled with a diaper explosion in the worst possible place, new moms have been through it all.

Here are 10 times new moms were caught off-guard -- but totally handled it like bosses. These now-seasoned mamas asked to remain anonymous -- but they might as well be every mom. Been there!

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