11 Ways to Create a One-of-a-Kind Nursery for Baby


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As a mom, you may not have total control over how well your baby sleeps (despite your best efforts), but you do have creative control over where they sleep.

Designing a sweet, welcoming space for your little one can be as simple as stocking it with the basics and adding a dash of family sentiment. Or you can unleash your inner interior decorator with a carefully curated theme. Regardless of your approach, the place where you bring baby home should be inviting and baby-friendly.

We asked moms to share the one item that makes their baby's nursery special. The eclectic mix of answers proves you can't really go wrong -- but it's good to have the trifecta: form, function, and sweetness.

  • "I put my husband's childhood teddy bear and my baby blanket on a shelf in the nurseries." -- Monica B.

    Baby nursery photo

    Nostalgia adds a personal touch. When the kids are older, the bear and blanket can find a new home elsewhere in the house.

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  • "I have friends who travel abroad a lot and would bring back art and dolls to decorate the nursery. They were so unique." -- Tina C.

    doll house

    Toys -- especially those with a collected or handcrafted look -- add personality to a space. Bonus: They make great playthings as baby grows.

  • "We have a bassinet that was handed down through my family for generations. It warms my heart whenever I see my baby in it." -- Claudia R.

    Baby sleeping in a bassinet

    Talk about getting your money's worth!

    Old furniture should always be checked for safety. So long as it's in good shape and fits today's standards, a family heirloom lends timeless charm.

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  • "I recycled the chalkboards I used at my wedding and created pieces of art featuring children's book quotes." -- Sarah S.

    Baby nursery photo

    Quotes from classic books can make beautiful and meaningful artwork. Recycling and repurposing items saves money and gives you a sentimental story to tell.

  • "My aunt knew the theme for our nursery ahead of time and made a quilt that matched it exactly." -- Amy M.

    baby quilt pink

    It was so gorgeous the family decided to hang the quilt on the wall above baby's crib.

    Handcrafted items are certainly one of a kind and make a nursery feel truly special.

  • "My mom did a needlepoint picture for each of my girls. She doesn't do that much anymore, so it felt extra special." -- Cheryl C.

    hand embroidered
    iStock.com/Irina Vodneva

    Nothing sweeter than stitches that showcase a family member's talent.

  • "We don't have room for a nursery, but we bought a gadget that projects stars. It turns any room in our place into 'her' room." -- Amanda S.

    glow in the dark stars in kids room

    Urban dwellers know how to make it work. In a small space, you may also consider a room divider, a differently colored wall, or just a whimsically decorated nook to designate a special place for baby.

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  • "I framed my favorite poem and hung it in my daughter's nursery." -- Becky C.

    Mom snuggles baby in nursery photo

    Poems and favorite quotes can show your love or wishes for your baby's future. Flip through some of your most beloved books for inspiration.

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  • "My father-in-law does woodworking as a hobby and made the cutest whale plaque with our baby's name on it." -- Victoria S.

    Wooden whale plaque

    Grandpa's love shines through when his handiwork is on display.

  • "We had a plain white dresser where a friend painted a custom design of the ocean with a treasure chest, octopus, fish, and sea stars." -- Jenny M.

    Image of baby's nursery

    Simple or affordable furniture can be hacked or hand-painted for a unique and eye-catching look.

  • "The glider in our nursery is super special to me. It's cozy and the perfect place to rock our son whenever we all need some quiet." -- Brandi K.

    mom cooing at her baby

    Don't forget, baby's space isn't just for him. Make sure you'll have a comfy spot for feedings, story time, or cuddle sessions, too.

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