10 Fears Every New Mom Has & How to Make Them Less Scary

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Mom fears -- we all have them to some degree. But there is nothing quite like the power of the fears of a new mom. Even simple baby care tasks can seem scary and intimidating. It can be crippling. When I talked to other moms about their biggest fears when it came to baby care, I was thankful I wasn't alone in my greatest concerns. The most common worries are warranted, but thankfully we also have solutions to take the edge off. 


Did you know some moms carefully bite their own baby's fingernails because they're too freaked out by the nail clippers? And that anticipating baby's first bath -- a typical rite of passage -- can fill some moms with dread? For others, the first time taking a newborn out into public is stressful instead of exciting. Protecting our tiny, vulnerable children is part of being a mom, of course, and because we love them so much, we sometimes can't help but worry every step of the way.

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These are some of the greatest fears moms have when it comes to newborn baby care. And some helpful advice for making these seemingly scary firsts feel safer. With some clever hacks and tips, doing them will be like second nature.

And it'll become very clear that any moms out there are most definitely not alone if they've got fears of their own.

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