Your Baby’s Gut Microbiome: What It Is & How to Protect It

Your baby is the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen—and she’s covered with bacteria. Don’t worry, everyone is! Your microbiome is the collection of tiny organisms that live all over us. Your skin has bacteria, and so do your nose and mouth, your eyes, and your gastrointestinal tract, or your gut.


Moms can help protect their baby’s gut microbiome, which will set them up for a healthy immune system. But first it helps to know a little bit about what it is.

The gut is the home of the immune system
Most of the immune system—80 percent—is located in the gut. The idea behind the new infant probiotic Evivo™ is that a healthy gut requires good bacteria that can reduce the "bad" bacteria that are linked to conditions like eczema, asthma, obesity, and diabetes. Research has shown a link between the rise of these conditions and the decrease of good bacteria in infants’ guts. That’s exactly why Evivo was developed, to help all babies achieve a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut.

The bacteria in your baby’s microbiome is passed down from mom. But one strain that used to be present is now missing in the gut microbiome of up to 97 percent of infants. It’s called B. infantis, and its absence in today’s infants may be due to the unintentional consequences of increased use of antibiotics, higher rates of C-sections, and other factors.

Good bacteria like B. infantis works hand in hand with oligosaccharides, which are special sugars found in breast milk. These sugars aren’t digested by the baby—they’re actually there to feed the bacteria.

B. infantis converts the oligosaccharides to nutrients that the baby can actually use, while preventing potentially bad bacteria like E. coli from thriving.

Replacing B. infantis in the gut microbiome
Most babies today do not receive B. infantis in their gut flora at birth, but Evivo can replace it.

Evivo is a powder that contains live B. infantis. You mix it with a few milliliters of breast milk and feed it to your baby once a day. Putting B. infantis back in the microbiome will promote a healthy immune system and help the baby use all of the oligosaccharides found in the breast milk that would otherwise be indigestible to baby.

Evivo is the best probiotic for putting B. infantis back in the gut because it uses a live culture. The specific strain of activated B. infantis in Evivo is ready to consume the oligosaccharides in breast milk right away, so it can get right to work in restoring your baby’s gut microbiome to its natural state.

Breastfeeding supports a healthy immune system
Breast milk feeds your baby and supports your baby’s gut microbiome at the same time. Supplementing breast milk with Evivo gives your baby’s gut the best conditions for good bacteria to work its magic, setting a foundation for a healthy life. To learn more, visit

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