15 Intimate Breastfeeding Photos That Show It's Not Only Natural ... but Magical!

Ivette Ivens Photography

When Ivette Ivens was 13, she knew she wanted to be a photographer. Like so many of us before we become mothers, she had no idea that her career -- in fact, her entire life -- would be changed by motherhood. That's why her work, and upcoming book, focuses on breastfeeding, showing mothers nursing in natural spaces to capture how beautiful and normal breastfeeding is. 


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Now an acclaimed baby photographer and a breastfeeding advocate, Ivette has shot thousands of moms who want to take a stand against the stigma of breastfeeding. These are women who were told that what they are doing is gross, inappropriate, or downright wrong. As you'll see in her pictures, Ivens has completely proven her critics wrong, creating ethereal images of motherhood that could be in a museum.

From the moment that online trolls caused her to change her entire career, to the forthcoming book of photographs she's publishing in 2018, Ivens has one message for nursing moms: Don't ever feel ashamed.

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