7 Baby Essentials You Really Can’t Over-Register For

A new baby brings much joy and love to a family, but it also brings stuff. And some of that stuff you’re going to need in bulk to make your life easier – trust us. Thankfully, Target’s Baby Registry has you covered with just about every baby essential you and your little bundle could possibly need, in quantity, too. Here are the items you’re going to want to add to your list en masse:


1.     Diapers. Yes, duh, this kind of goes without saying. And yet, some people don’t register for diapers at all, or don’t register for enough because they figure can just get them later on. To help you through the process without missing a thing, Target adds Pampers diapers to every new registry. Don’t forget to add a variety of sizes, too, from newborn on up – if you register for larger sizes you can always stock up after the birth with your completion discount.
Socks. They’re adorably tiny and somehow disappear as fast as you can buy them. Perhaps that’s because socks are surprisingly useful for more than just covering up tiny baby toes. They double as protective mittens to prevent baby from scratching herself, and are great in a pinch when you’re out and about and can’t find a tissue for baby’s runny nose (seriously, I used to keep a spare pair or two in my diaper bag just for that reason). Register for many, many pairs.
Snap-bottom undershirts. You may go through a half dozen of these daily during the worst diaper blowout days (and some may have to get trashed because let’s face it, stain remover and detergent can only do so much). Register for them in white, cute prints, and/or with funny sayings, but whatever you do, add a lot of them to your list, in various sizes. You won’t regret it.
Burp cloths and receiving blankets. It’s hard to stay on top of the laundry when you’re barely functioning due to sleep deprivation. Keeping heaps of clean burp cloths and receiving blankets on hand is essential for protecting household surfaces (and yourself!) from baby’s…output. 
Washcloths. Some days will involve multiple messes (diaper blowouts, solid-food experimentation, etc.) which means multiple baths – and many, many washcloths.
Bottles. Whether you’re pumping breastmilk or feeding formula, the last thing you want is a hungry baby and no clean bottles available (washing a bottle with one hand while wrangling a crying baby with the other is something you want to avoid if possible, trust me). Having plenty of extras means that even if you forgot to run the dishwasher or have a sink full of dirty dishes, you’ll still have a clean spare when you need one.
Pacifiers. You have no way of knowing which brand and type your baby will accept so do yourself a favor and register for an assortment so you can have options on hand for trying out when you need them!

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