Pregnant Mom's Message to Everyone Who Says Her Toddler Should 'Get Off Her Tit'

mom nursing toddler

When some nursing moms get pregnant with another child, they decide to wean their older child in preparation for the new baby. However, despite being nearly nine months pregnant, one mom has no plans to stop breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter anytime soon. 


The anonymous mom shared on Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page that she has been nursing her toddler since moments after her birth. People have been criticizing her decision to continue breastfeeding her little one past her daughter's first birthday, and it's only increased since becoming pregnant. "Well, now I am really hearing it," she wrote. "Everything from, 'She's almost 2 years old, she don't need it anymore,' 'You're not setting a good example for her,' 'She will be picked on,' 'If I was you, I would tell her big girls don't do that -- they eat real food,' (which, she does -- all kinds of foods)."

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Breastfeeding Mama Talk / Facebook

For this mom and her firstborn, nursing has become a source of comfort, and she is determined to continue giving her child whatever makes her happy and feels good. "Plus, I love the bond it brings and that I am the only person who can give her that," she wrote.

Despite being confident in her parenting choice, this mom isn't immune to the judgments that others feel entitled to share. "I feel upset when I am 'shamed' for simply doing something I feel is natural," she wrote. "I never even thought I would breastfeed, so to have done it and still be going strong is such an accomplishment for me."

She admits to having hard days where she just wants to quit nursing, but this mom just reminds herself that this precious time won't last forever and she should treasure it while she still can. "How do I deal with people who feel they have a say in my parenting choices when it comes to still breastfeeding?" she wrote. "How do I make it clear that I respect their 'opinions' but they will not decide for me & my girl what I do as a breastfeeding mother?"

However, for those who think that her impending birth should change her perspective on extended breastfeeding, this mom already has her response ready. "Yes, of course I know my newborn will need it more than my girl does, and I am all for tandem feeding," she wrote. "She will have to learn she has to share. I am just tired of being put down and told, 'You need to distract her, get her off the tit!' Sigh."

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