10 Essentials to Make Sleepless Nights Easier for Mom & Baby

Nighttime parenting can be hard! Parents want to sleep, but baby often has other ideas. We asked moms which products were the most useful for maximizing shuteye so you can add them to your own baby registry:


The Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. This one was recommended by just about every mom who responded! “It’s probably the only must-have baby product I own.” – Laura

Aden + Anais bamboo muslin wraps. “They’re the best for swaddling because they can be stretched really tight” – Julie

A white noise machine. “My daughter is a toddler now, and it’s still part of the routine.” – Erica

“We had The Sleep Sheep – such a godsend, but it's on batteries so it shuts off after 20 minutes or so. So we kept that strapped to the bassinet, but also got a plug-in white noise machine we could leave on all night. Then when I'd hear him stirring in the bassinet in the morning, I could reach over and turn on the sheep, and the extra white noise would sometimes put him right back to sleep. We called it the snooze button!” – Susie

A video monitor that shows room temperature. “Even for a small apartment, there was no more fretting if baby was cold or hot. It also stopped me from going in 40 times to see if she was breathing. I almost never turned on the volume, but stared at it constantly.”

The My Brest Friend nursing pillow. “My husband called it baby’s feeding shelf, and it was the best thing ever. I could comfortably sit in bed and breastfeed my son without the pillow shifting around, and it was easy to move him back to his co-sleeper or crib from it.” – Amanda

The First Years Close & Secure Portable Infant Sleeper. “We could keep one hand on the baby (so more sleep) without worrying we might hurt her.” – Heather

Newborn open-bottom sleeper gowns. “They made middle of the night diaper changes so much easier! That's what he lived in for the first few months!” – Cyndi

Extra bottles and pre-measured powdered formula. “You can pass out without doing the dishes every night, and you can pre-make some for overnight feedings so you aren't waking up and trying to measure. I'd sometimes just pre-measure the powder in [a dispenser], and keep the water in the bottle. Bam.” – Erica

Washable breast pads. For those nights when you and baby both sleep (woo!), these will help prevent you waking up in an uncomfortable wet puddle, says Katrina.

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