Mmmm ... Ice Cream! Mmm ... Breast Milk?


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Usually an entire pint of it, especially during pregnancy, our periods, and a particularly hard day of being a Baby Mama. But just how much do you love the cool, creamy stuff? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) recently asked Ben & Jerry's to replace all the cow's milk in its products with human breast milk because it would lessen the suffering of cows. So what do you think—would you eat it? Take the poll below.


Would you eat ice cream made with breast milk?

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dovet... dovetailthreads

PETA needs to be taken out back and shot...They're so nuts I don't even know what to say...

dubnchix dubnchix

PETA has gone over the deep end with that one!

proud... proudmama1207

What the h*** are they thinking? They want ethical treatment of animals but you would be replacing the "unethical" treatment of cows with the "unethical" treatment of women.

Chris... ChristianCsMama

sorry...but that's really disgusting, lol

worke... workenmom

I bet they are all men, or a woman that has never breastfed

mothe... mothervixen

That's just really gross, disgusting and totaly stupid. It might be somehow good for babies but not for me. NO THANK YOU, PETA!

ctflute ctflute

Lessen the suffering of cows??  I suppose those PETA folks think that having a double electric pump siphon the milk from your boobs is a picnic?  How about the suffering of all those mommies??  Plus, if there was that much of a surplus of breast milk that they could use millions of gallons of it to make ice cream, wouldn't it be put to much better use nourishing kids who have no access to it?

For the record, I will admit that curiousity got the better of me and I did dip a finger into a bottle of my breast milk and it was absolutely sweet and delicious.  But it is meant for my baby, not for Cherry Garcia.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

LOL!! Too funny - ctflute!

goth_... goth_mama

when will people learn that their agenda will never be taken seriously when they come on too strong and through their beliefs in others' faces?

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