This Genius Wrap Helps C-Section Moms Get Skin-to-Skin With Their Newborns

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The benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn are numerous. Research shows that bonding with your LOs this way can reduce their stress, promote relaxation, help stabilize their breathing, and improve their sleep. It's no wonder the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization recommend hospitals adopt a policy of one hour of skin-to-skin time for newborns. But when you've given birth via C-section, getting skin-to-skin can be challenging. Thankfully, a relatively new product called the Joeyband could make skin-to-skin much simpler and more accessible for C-section mamas.


Created by sisters Hayley Mullins and Ashley Wade, the stretchy linen wrap facilitates holding your baby securely against your body right after birth -- even if you're unable to use your arm because you have an IV, an issue many women in this position encounter.

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What's more, attempting to hold your LO unassisted right after a C-section may pose certain risks. "We've heard horror stories of babies falling, and moms unable to hold their babies until well after the birth," Mullins, who herself dropped her daughter while practicing skin-to-skin, tells Babble. The entrepreneur's scary incident is in part what inspired her to create Joeybands with her sister.

"Two weeks after she was born, she was asleep on my chest, when I took my hands off of her," Mullins recalls. "In a split second, she startled and fell to the floor. I tried wraps, carriers, slings, and babywearing shirts, but I just wanted something that would simply belt my sleeping baby to me."


And she and Wade have come up with exactly that! The Joeyband, which is now being used in about 100 hospitals worldwide, even allows babies to stay on top of their mamas throughout their C-section repair. It's also useful for moms of extra-vulnerable NICU babies.

Of course, when using the Joeyband, you'll want to adhere to the same safety guidelines as normal wraps, to ensure your baby is fully supported and able to breathe properly. And you should communicate with your doctor if you have any questions.

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Props to these sisters for creating such a game-changer for C-section moms and their beloved babies!

You can check with your hospital to see if they use the JoeyBand, or you can buy one yourself at

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