7 Ways Technology Helps New Parents & Their Babies Live Their Best Lives


Every new parent wonders if they have everything they need to keep their babies safe and happy during those first precious years. This collection of high-tech products and services will get you off to a great start, but keep in mind that what your baby wants the most is you! Your baby loves to be held, cuddled, and kissed, and the best nursery gear and supplies make life easier so the whole family can do just that.


Pampers Subscribe & Save at Amazon
You’re going to need plenty of diapers, but you don’t need to haul your baby to the store every time you’re running low – save those trips for the park or baby gym class! Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service will ship Pampers diapers and wipes directly to your door on a set schedule —and save you money and time, too. You’ll get a reminder before each monthly shipment, and you can always skip a month, adjust the size, or get an extra shipment.

Even better: If you sign up for a Pampers subscription TODAY – Amazon Prime Day – Pampers will donate $10 per subscription to the March of Dimes* to support families with babies in the NICU.

Smart voice-activated speaker
It’s like a hands-free assistant that can help you stay organized without having to put the baby down. Add things to your shopping list as soon as you think of them. Set reminders and timers, and check your calendar. Ask about the weather while getting the baby dressed for a walk. Even request your favorite songs, or ask, "What does the ocean sound like?” to get some white noise that can soothe your baby during a nap.

Fancy motorized swing
Babies love to be cradled, and often just lying still in a crib isn’t comforting enough. If napping in a crib or bassinet isn’t going so well, look for a swing with a motor, where you can adjust both the speed and whether it swings back-and-forth or side-to-side. The motion can lull your baby right to sleep, and swings can typically play gentle lullabies or white noise too.

Video monitor
With a video monitor, you'll know when baby wakes up from a nap, without her having to cry to alert you. (Pampers keeps her feeling so dry and comfortable, she’s more likely to wake up smiling than crying!) Some video monitors include a portable screen for you to carry around and peek in on your angel, but if you typically keep your smartphone close, a Wi-Fi security camera can also work, and send you a notification when it detects movement or noise. Just be sure to buy from a reputable company that highlights the product’s security as a major feature.

Temperature sensor
The temperature of the room can really influence how long your baby sleeps. Some baby monitors also have sensors to let you know when the room is too hot or cold. If not, separate sensors can send a notification to your smartphone when the temperature in the baby's room gets outside of a set range. These also make it easier to decide how to dress the baby for sleep when it’s not so obvious.

White noise machine
It’s natural to want to tip-toe and whisper around a sleeping baby, but a lot of babies love some white noise while they sleep. White noise apps and videos are easy to find for your smartphone, but for the baby’s room, you may want a white noise machine you can plug in and leave running all night long. Besides mimicking the whooshing sounds your baby heard in the womb, a white noise machine can drown out sharper noises (like traffic or the TV) that might actually wake her, too.

Bottle prep machine
Microwaving a bottle isn’t recommended, because it could lead to hot spots in the liquid, but heating a bottle in a pan of water on the stove takes longer and it’s tricky to get it just right. Babies love consistency, and a bottle prep machine mixes just the right amount of the formula and nails the perfect temperature every time.


About the March of Dimes
March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. For more than 75 years, moms and babies have benefited from March of Dimes research, education, vaccines, and breakthroughs. For the latest resources and health information, visit our websites marchofdimes.org and nacersano.org. If you have been affected by prematurity or birth defects, visit our shareyourstory.org community to find comfort and support. For detailed national, state and local perinatal statistics, visit peristats.org.

*Pampers will donate up to $160,000. The March of Dimes does not endorse specific brands or products.



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