Photographer Sends Babies on Epic Adventures in 19 Adorable Photos

Jeanne Sager | Jul 10, 2017 Baby
Photographer Sends Babies on Epic Adventures in 19 Adorable Photos
Image: Precious Baby Photography

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Precious Baby Photography

When Angela Forker started taking photos of babies, she tried to fit a "newborn photographer mold": neutral colors; minimal props; traditional poses. It was fun, but the New Haven, Indiana, photographer said it just wasn't her. Then came the scenes that have made her both a viral phenomenon and a highly sought-after photographer in the Midwest: bright, colorful, whimsical fabric "paintings," with babies right smack-dab in the middle of them.

The newborn, infant, and baby months go by so so fast, and honestly, there's nothing like them after that. In a blink of an eye, our babies are not tiny, squishy little beings anymore. They're standing, sitting, crawling, walking, running kids, usually headed away from us. Of course, this is why every parent with kids older than yours says those words: Enjoy it while it lasts. They know how fast it goes. 

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This is why photographer Angela Forker's artistic creations are so precious to parents. They capture forever some of the magic of those short months (full of long days). She imagines and creates an irreplaceable keepsake of one of the shortest, best times in our lives as parents.

Read on to see how this photographer sends these babies on epic adventures in seriously creative photos. You're going to want one on your holiday card, gracing your walls, and in that special spot over the fireplace mantel, we promise. 

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