Doctor Shares Genius Fix for the Car Seat Carrying Mistake We're All Making

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If you have yet to experience the joyous pleasures of trying to get from point A to point B while carrying a car seat, just you wait. To say the pain mimics surviving a professional wrestling match would be an understatement. So many moms and dads have struggled in this arena, which is why we're beyond thankful to have seen this effortless car seat carrying tutorial from Dr. Emily Puente of Bridge Family Chiropractic that will make you wonder if you've been doing it wrong all along. 

  • In a viral video, Dr. Emily Puente blessed parents with a car seat carrying lesson she says won't hurt your shoulders, hips, or knees.


    "Someone taught me this before, and it's been the greatest thing that I've been shown," Dr. Puente reveals in the Facebook video.

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  • First, Dr. Puente demonstrates the common car seat death grip most parents know all too well.


    The pose makes our already tired biceps work even more -- causing "strain on the upper back" as well as the shoulders and hips -- but Dr. Puente wants moms and dads to make one simple adjustment that will change the game forever.

  • As Dr. Puente explains, rather than place the weight of the seat on your forearm, you should loop your arm through the handle and grab the side of it.


    From there, you can stand up and go about your day, and say hello to a more stress-free life.

  • Shocked at how easy that is? Yeah, you aren't the only one.


    Since Dr. Puente posted this godsend of a video, more than 52,000 people have shared it on Facebook in hopes of keeping fellow friends and parents in the know.

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    Though Dr. Puente can't promise this method will work with every car seat -- and she advises talking to your doctor or trying babywearing if you're in serious pain -- it's quite obvious this simple adjustment can make a world of difference.

  • Thanks for the tip, Doc!

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