Mom's Video Expertly Trolls Haters Who Shame Her for Nursing in Public

Sara-Bai Montalvo

Sara-Bai Montalvo

It's hard out there for breastfeeding moms. Not only can nursing itself be a struggle, but you've also got people shaming you left and right for where you choose to breastfeed, how long you keep nursing, and whether or not you choose to cover up. It's damn exhausting. That's why one mom recently took to Facebook to call out breastfeeding shamers in the most epic way.

  • Sara-Bai Montalvo posted a video on Facebook that nails exactly how moms feel about people who are uncomfortable with public breastfeeding.

    "How can you breastfeed in public knowing it offends people?" Umm, easily. Our babies need to eat, so we just freaking do it.

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  • Montalvo's post looks similar to the badass women who clapped back at a Twitter troll who shamed plus-size women for wearing crop tops.

    But she says she didn't decide to set it up that way until after the fact. Originally, it was just a video her friend recorded at Walmart and was mostly inspired by a story about breastfeeding shame Montalvo saw on social media.

    "I do post pictures of feeding and sometimes I have people say things and other times no one does," she tells CafeMom. "I saw [a story] on a mom page the other day about a woman feeding her baby in the car because she started feeding her baby in the store and people looked at her weird so she went to the car. And that's kind of what made me make the video."

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  • Since her video went up, it's been viewed over a million times, and people are LOVING it.

  • Some moms are even sharing their own public breastfeeding photos and videos in solidarity.

    After all, breastfeeding is 100 percent normal and natural, and most people see more cleavage in a Victoria's Secret catalogue than they do from breastfeeding moms.

  • Of course, some trolls still showed up to Montalvo's post, but they were quickly shut down.

    "The amount of messages I've got from women all over thanking me for posting it and telling me how awesome I am and that they feel encouraged to not care anymore was totally worth it and exactly what I wanted from it," Montalvo says.

    Haters are gonna hate, but babies still need to eat, so breastfeeding moms: Nurse on with your bad selves!

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