Mom's Genius Teething Hack Is Winning the Internet

child teething

Stop EV-ER-Y-THING you are doing right now, and feast your eyes on this glorious perfection of an icy treat. Mom Tasia Blackwell's "milksicle" breastfeeding hack is winning the Internet and impressing every breastfeeding mom (and possibly even breastfeeding aliens on distant planets) in need of new ways to serve up liquid gold. Seriously, y'all, this is the bomb-dot-com and will have your cranky, teething little ones feeling and looking cool for the summer.


Blackwell, who we should simply refer to as our new Mom Best Friend of the Year, blessed mommies everywhere with a Facebook post that shows her baby boy enjoying a milksicle, aka a frozen breast milk pop, to ease his teething pain.

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"When your son is absolutely devouring his milksicle," the mom says during the adorable video of her son sucking on his milksicle pop for dear life.

Look at those precious big eyes! Baby boy definitely appears to enjoy his mama's breast milk à la popsicle. His nom nom nom face says it all!

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As Tasia points out in her post, these milksicles help LO with his teething pain and also "help fill up his tummy," making them a must-try DIY treat for the season that kills two needs with one ... boob-milk popsicle.

Tasia Blackwell/Facebook

Not only is the icy milk soothing for a teething baby's gums, but studies even suggest breast milk itself can act as a pain reliever by triggering the production of endorphins.

We can already picture moms packing up these frozen treats as they head to summer barbecues and mom events like Pinterest night. Mothers will get some time to chat and catch up as their babies shoot each other the "this is good, right?" look.

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Tasia Blackwell/Facebook

While the concept of turning your breast milk into a soothing popsicle for your baby is likely not new, we still feel inclined to shoot Tasia a virtual high-five for such an awesome and simple idea. We may or may not be kicking ourselves in the head for not trying it sooner! (#Damn!)

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