15 Nursery Upgrades That Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer

Michele Zipp | Jun 6, 2017 Baby
15 Nursery Upgrades That Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer
Image: iStock.com/KatarzynaBialasiewicz

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Even if folks have never imagined they'd create a nursery that even remotely looks professionally designed, we swear it's not a stretch. There are certain tips and tricks that can make any anxious parent feel a lot better about the nesting process. Through certain designers' ideas, anyone easily can achieve a polished look for baby's room, while also maintaining a sense of fun and cuteness. A fully furnished baby palace is possible!

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Get inspired by unexpected colors and luxe accents, painted ceilings and bold wallpaper ideas. Take it from interior designers: Decorating the nursery doesn't mean only shopping in the baby section. For example, there are pieces of furniture that could easily go in the master bedroom but, with a few tweaks, make a baby's room look all the more posh. And hey, as any parent knows, Mom and Dad tend to be in their baby's room just as much as their kid is, so why not make it appealing to the adult eye? Check out these incredible magazine-worthy ideas that will complete any baby's room, making the space look high-end without breaking the bank. And remember, this should be the FUN part of bringing home baby -- no stress allowed! 


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