19 Heart-Melting Photos of Kids Meeting Their Baby Siblings for the First Time

Jeanne Sager | Jun 26, 2017 Baby
19 Heart-Melting Photos of Kids Meeting Their Baby Siblings for the First Time

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The moment a new baby arrives isn't just special for the new parents. It's a life-changer for big siblings, who now have someone to whom they'll be bonded for the rest of their lives. And there's nothing quite like seeing how excited big sisters and brothers get when they're finally invited into the room to welcome the new member of the family. So we asked birth photographers to share some of those amazing moments. Trust us, they didn't disappoint ... 

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There are lots of anxious parents who are worried about what to do with their older child when a new baby is born. Jealousies are sure to arise and kids have been known to not always have the best reactions to the new addition. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before the temper tantrums and vying for moms attention, there is the magical point when a big brother or sister meets the new sibling and for a moment (possibly the last), everything seems calm and happy. It is an exciting moment that marks the next phase of the family's journey, and for some lucky couples, their birth photographer was able to capture it perfectly. Take a look at these gorgeous photos that will make us all wish to go back to a simpler times before the kids found out how to get into trouble!

  • Here's Your Sign


    "Luke is a lucky boy to have such a great big brother and sister to help him figure out life," said photographer Ashley Sasak. They drew him up a wonderful welcome message. 

  • By Mom's Side


    Photographer Jennifer Mason said this little guy was like a doula for his mom, holding her hand, rubbing her back, and helping her welcome a new buddy to the family.

  • Taking a Peek


    Buffalo, New York, photographer Shawna Stanley describes this first look for these siblings simply -- it was "love at first sight." "Baby number four for this mama, and they waited till birth to find out the sex. Naturally, both big sisters were super excited!" Stanley says. 

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  • Well Hello!


    "The moment an older sibling meets their newborn sibling is so special," says New York photographer Erin Smith. "I love the curiosity and excitement of this big sister. You can see the love she has for her new sister. This photo was taken moments after she thanked her mom for her new sister and told her that the baby is her best friend.

    "Big sister was less than a month from turning 3 at the time of the photo. Grandma brought her for the meeting, so in the room were mom, dad, grandma, and myself. They made sure to bring her at her 'happiest' time of day so she wasn't sleepy or hungry. Before big sister came to visit you could sense the anticipation building. You never know how older siblings will react and she didn't disappoint! She ran to her mom and couldn't get enough of her baby sister."

  • Not So Sure About This


    Brandy Britton captured this very real big sister moment. It does take a little getting use to! 

  • A Little Kiss


    But things quickly turned to kisses! Aww, it's love. And the beginning of true sisterhood. 

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  • Feeling That Head


    A whole lot of love went into this meeting. We love how they've created a little family cocoon with their new family member. 

  • Face to Face


    Jacksonville, Florida, photographer Melissa Pickett captured this sweet moment between brand-new siblings. The feet say it all. 

  • Reporting for Big Brother Duty


    "Brantley (4 years old) is at that goofy, silly little boy stage and he comes in just a-grinnin' from ear to ear," photographer Kayla Shope recalls of the moment she captured this greeting. "For almost nine months he was told over and over that he was going to be a BIG brother, and the day was finally there. Brantley did not say much; he just kept smiling and peeking at his new little sister.

    "What I love most about this particular image is [dad] Hunter lifting Brantley up to meet his baby sister for the very first time. The room was silent after a very quick rushed delivery of baby Avery. It was the calm after the storm, Heather had her healthy baby girl in her arms, her mind was at ease knowing that her baby was healthy, 10 toes, 10 fingers, and she was introducing her to her firstborn, the little boy that made her Mommy. It was emotional yet calm all at the same time. Birth photography is like no other, there is no redo, no posing -- they will never have THIS very moment again. True RAW emotion, I am not directing, posing, or staging anything -- I am behind this scenes watching as it unfolds."

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  • She's Here!


    "These three siblings were over-the-moon excited for their baby sister. You could hear the squeals of excitement in the hall," photographer Kayla Reeder says of this welcoming committee. "They took turns holding their new sister and loving on her. In that moment it was like she had always been a part of this beautiful family."

  • Head to Head


    "And then my heart exploded..." is how Nicole Guy captioned this one on Instagram. Yup!

  • That's a Sister!


    This was the very first moment a big brother (see his "Greatest Brother Ever" shirt) saw his new sister. Pure joy and enthusiasm. 

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  • Poke!


    "Well, aside from being told 'gentle' a million times, Walter decided to poke his sister Rylie on the nose to say hello. It was his personality coming through completely," photographer Acacia Reinhardt says of this welcome. "I was sitting across the room, I'd spent the last 11 hours with this family, and to finally see them coming together after a long day and say hello was a reminder as to why I love photographing births. New babies, and families, are the best reminders of how much beauty and grace is in the world."

  • Sharing a Look


    "This big sister was loving taking care of the new baby at the hospital, helping her parents get her changed, holding her hand and stroking her hair," says Toronto photographer Olivia Jenner. "As I was capturing some candid shots of them, baby turned and locked eyes with her big sister and they shared this sweet moment."

  • A Gentle Hand


    Photographer Bec Hannaford hashtagged this meeting of two brothers "#killme #so cute." It's hard to disagree! 

  • A Stuffed Animal for Sister


    "This little guy was so excited to meet his little sister! He fell in love with her as soon as he saw her and throughout the session gave her hugs, kisses, and lots of cuddles," photographer Taylor Bercot says. "It's amazing seeing a 2-year-old instantly bond with the newest member of the family."

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  • Hello Sister!


    This little guy was having an intense conversation with his brand-new little sister. It's no surprise they're best buddies these days.

  • Just a Little Touch


    "I love how tender big brother is being," Missouri photographer Jessica Nothum shares. "These boys are very close in age, and brother was so careful with his new baby. He spent a few minutes just checking him out and studying his new friend. These four stood there just learning one another, lost in the moment, even though the room was filled with excited family."

  • Wow!


    "For me, Fresh 48 sessions are all about those first looks. Those first moments. The first time a sibling becomes a big brother or big sister. The first time a mom sees her own baby become a mom, and [is] now a grandma herself," says Winnipeg area photographer Jennifer Doran. "Among the whirlwind of birthing your baby, when you get to slow down for just a few moments and watch that happen, well, it's just magic. This little guy was just in awe with his new baby sister. Pure love."

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