19 Heart-Melting Photos of Kids Meeting Their Baby Siblings for the First Time

toddler boy meeting baby sibling
Jeanne Sager Photography

The moment a new baby arrives isn't just special for the new parents. It's a life-changer for big siblings, who now have someone to whom they'll be bonded for the rest of their lives. And there's nothing quite like seeing how excited big sisters and brothers get when they're finally invited into the room to welcome the new member of the family. So we asked birth photographers to share some of those amazing moments. Trust us, they didn't disappoint ... 


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There are lots of anxious parents who are worried about what to do with their older child when a new baby is born. Jealousies are sure to arise and kids have been known to not always have the best reactions to the new addition. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Before the temper tantrums and vying for moms attention, there is the magical point when a big brother or sister meets the new sibling and for a moment (possibly the last), everything seems calm and happy. It is an exciting moment that marks the next phase of the family's journey, and for some lucky couples, their birth photographer was able to capture it perfectly. Take a look at these gorgeous photos that will make us all wish to go back to a simpler times before the kids found out how to get into trouble!

Newborns bonding siblings